Thank you for your interest in a commissioned painting! Red is currently taking commissions for select styles and subject matter. She works with several mediums, styles, and subjects, which are detailed below.

How it works:

- First, look over the options and details below.

- Next, fill out the form linked below to choose painting specifics, and add reference photos if necessary.

- Red will then email you with any questions, and send you an invoice to pay the 50% Canvas Fee to get started.

- When the piece is finished, Red will send you a photo to approve the work.

- Once the piece is approved, Red will send the final invoice to pay the remaining balance as well as any shipping, framing, and/or editing costs.

-Then your piece will be sent and you will be able to enjoy it in your home!



 Framing: All commissions have the option to add framing. Framing options vary depending on if the piece will be painted on paper or canvas/panel. If you would like to add framing, please note this on your form and we will go over framing options and pricing via email.

How long will it take? Timing varies greatly as each piece will require a different amount of time and Red's general workload varies. Artwork can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months to finish. Red cannot guarantee artwork by a particular time. If you wish to give the commission as a gift and have a particular deadline for giving your gift, Red is happy to send you a cute, hand written card to give as a place holder until the piece is finished.

Canvas Fee: The canvas fee is 50% of the initial price of the piece. This covers supplies to get started. The canvas fee is non-refundable. Once the piece is finished and approved, the final 50% plus shipping costs, additional framing costs, and additional edit fees will be added and an invoice will be sent for the remaining balance. Once payment is received, artwork will be sent and then a very happy mail day will come!

Edits: Sometimes edits are requested. Red is happy to accommodate any edits you desire within her abilities and the constraints of the mediums. Not all edits will be possible depending on a variety of factors, but Red is always happy to chat and see what can be done! Upon finishing the piece, Red will send you a photo to approve. 3 minor edits are allowed if needed. Simply email her with your edit requests. If more than 3 minor edits are requested, an additional $50-100 per edit will be applied depending on how much must be done in order to accomplish the edit request.

*Please note that Tiny Landscapes and Watercolor illustrations may be unable to edit given the permanent nature of the mediums.

References: Photo references are super helpful for any commission project. For landscape's, they are necessary and must be taken by you or a friend with permission, no google or pinterest images please. For watercolor illustrations, photo references are not necessary, but are great if you have a particular pose or angle in mind for your subject.

Replicating previous work: Red does not make duplicates of previous work. This has been attempted before with disappointing results. If there is a piece you love from the past, the best thing to do is to look at Red's available works and stay connected on Instagram and Patreon. Red will keep you in the loop when new original work is available.

Size requests: If you do not see the size you would like, please make a note in your request form and Red will do her best to accommodate your size request. 

Acrylic Landscapes:

Red works in two different landscape styles. One is more abstract, drawing from the colors, mood, and textures of a place. And one is a bit more bucolic in style. Unfortunately, Red does not paint buildings, people, or other objects. Trust me, you do not want this, it’s not pretty. If reference photos are sent with buildings or people, they will be removed in the artwork.

*Acrylic landscapes on canvas or panel may be framed in a floater frame for an additional charge. Floater frames come in a variety of colors and finishes depending on the size of the piece.

*Acrylic landscapes on paper will have a deckled edge and may be framed for an additional charge in a traditional or float mat with a wood frame in various colors.


Bucolic pricing (excludes shipping and optional framing):

5x7 Bucolic on paper $300

8x10 Bucolic on paper $450

9x12 Bucolic on canvas $510

11x14 Bucolic on canvas $570

12x16 Bucolic on canvas $660

16x20 Bucolic on canvas $750

18x24 Bucolic on canvas $870


Abstract pricing (excludes shipping and optional framing):

5x7 Abstract on paper $150

8x10 Abstract on paper $300

9x12 Abstract on canvas/panel $330

11x14 Abstract on canvas/panel $450

12x16 Abstract on canvas/panel $510

16x20 Abstract on canvas/panel $600

18x24 Abstract on canvas/panel $660

24x30 Abstract on canvas/panel $990


Tiny Landscapes:

This is a great option for folks with a tighter budget. Tiny landscapes will be approx. 1.5x2” with the option to add an ornate gold or black frame which will come with a ribbon attached for hanging. Tiny landscapes will be highly simplified and abstract, made in gouache, watercolor, or acrylic depending on what the landscape calls for in order to make it so small. Tiny landscapes will be painted on a mixed media paper.

Tiny Pricing:

Tiny painting on paper $75

Tiny painting plus frame $95


Abstract florals:

Have a favorite flower you would like as a painting? This is a great option. Red's abstract florals are made with mixed media, but mostly acrylic paint. They may be painted with a raw wood panel background, or if you have a favorite or preferred background color, that can be accommodated as well! Flowers with colored backgrounds will be painted on canvas. A background color is an excellent option for complimenting particular color ways in a room. Please limit flowers to 1-3 varieties as these will be large abstracts. Bouquets are considered on a case by case basis.

*Abstract florals may be framed in a floater frame for an additional charge. Floater frames come in a variety of colors and finishes depending on the size of the piece.

Pricing for wood panel and canvas (excludes shipping and optional framing):

12x12 … $390

11x14 … $450

14x14 … $480

16x20 … $600

18x24 ... $660

24x24 … $750

24x30 … $990

30x40 … $1260

36x36 … $1560 


Watercolor Illustrations:

Have a favorite plant and/or animal that you would like to have as a smaller painting? This is a great option for you. Red's watercolors are illustrative in style and can usually accommodate 1-3 subjects depending on the size of the subject and the size of the painting. Think, Honeycrisp apple, fox and rose, Chickadee on citrus branch with blossoms. These paintings must have a background of some kind as Red cannot be trusted to keep white backgrounds smudge free. Watercolor illustrations will be painted on Arches hot press watercolor paper and will have a deckled edge.

*Watercolor illustrations may be framed for an additional cost in a traditional or float mat with a wood frame in various colors.

Pricing (excludes shipping and optional framing):

5x7 paper $300

8x10 paper $450

9x12 paper $510

11x14 paper $570


Commission Request Form

 *Copyright: Red retains all rights to all of her artwork, including commissions. More on that here.