Are your books open? 
Yes! I am currently taking on projects in Asheville, NC that are in line with the style and subject matter you see on my instagram (@reddumonde). To submit a booking request, please fill out this form.

How do I get on your books?
While an inquiry submission does not guarantee an appointment, it is the first step! Priority is given to projects that I’m particularly stoked on and that allow for the most creative freedom. Things I’m stoked on include critters, plants, and anime. If you have a project idea that’s outside one of these categories, describe it to me in the booking form. I’m always open to hearing ideas. If you are unsure of how your design will look, checking out my Instagram is the best way to get an idea of my style. Additionally, I currently require all clients to be fully vaccinated and boosted for covid19, and wear a KN95 or equivalent mask to their appointment. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from getting vaccinated, please make a note of this in your request form.

Wait, what is a booking request form?
The booking request form is essentially an in-person consultation broken up into categories. It helps greatly to keep things organized and get folks on the books quickly and efficiently.

If I get on your books, when can I see the design?
The completed design will be ready for you the morning of your appointment. If you would like any minor changes made to the design, that is ok. However, if extensive changes to the design are requested, please be aware you may be asked to schedule a new appointment and pay a new booking fee, even if you have traveled to get tattooed. It is very important to get all necessary info to me beforehand!

Will you tattoo someone else’s artwork on me?
Generally speaking I will not copy other artists’ work, other existing tattoos, or Pinterest designs. However, there may be certain exceptions on a case by case basis, and provided I can get the artists’ permission to tattoo the artwork.

Do you do cover-ups?
Yes. My ability to do a cover-up will depend on the specific tattoo needing to be covered and how much you want it covered up (i.e. "I want it gone" vs "I want a distraction from it"). I generally take a "blast over, distract, and hope for the best" approach. Each existing tattoo is different, and some will cover more easily than others. If you would like the tattoo to be as covered as possible, the new tattoo will typically need to be much larger than the existing tattoo, and usually a good bit darker, so not every tattoo is able to be covered. I always recommend looking into getting at least one session of laser tattoo removal beforehand. 

How much will my tattoo be?
Tattoo price will vary greatly depending on size, placement, level of detail, and a variety of other factors. I will do my best to roughly estimate how long a project may take me, but please keep in mind that rushing a tattoo in order to lower price results in a less-than-stellar-outcome. If budget is an issue, I am always happy to break your tattoo up into multiple sessions. I currently work at $200/hr, with a 1.5 hour minimum, and work at a medium pace.

Do you require a consultation?
All consultations are done via email, after a booking inquiry has been submitted. The booking form helps greatly to get the information necessary to create a beautiful tattoo for you.

How does Covid19 affect me getting tattooed?
Covid19 is a challenge. I am fully vaccinated and boosted and wear a KN95 mask at the shop, and I require all clients to be fully vaccinated (meaning vaccinated and boosted), and you must also wear a KN95 or equivalent mask to your appointment.