Red is originally from Chapin, South Carolina. She grew up in a little house on Lake Murray, and spent much of her childhood playing in the woods, learning as much as she could about animals, and eventually worked for a vet and trained horses through her teen years. In college, her focus shifted to painting and photographing the human figure and was on track for life as a painter. But after university, life took some twists and turns. Many of Red's plans for art after University didn't work out. It was a dark time. But Red didn't give up. She became a barista to pay the bills, moved to Hawaii to volunteer for a humanitarian organization, then moved to NYC to find art opportunities. Even these big moves did not work out, but Red refused to give up her dream of making a living from her artwork. Upon moving home, she reconnected with some friends and fell into a tattoo career. Finally, she was making a living from her art. After 7 years of tattooing, Red found that she missed traditional art mediums and that leads us to the present. Today, you can find Red tattooing part time in Asheville, NC, and painting in her home studio in South Carolina's Dark Corner. Through all of life's twists and turns, Red's love for plants and animals has remained a driving force in her art, and to this day her work is largely inspired by all manner of flora and fauna.