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"The Passenger Pigeon" Fine Art Print

"The Passenger Pigeon" Fine Art Print

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9x12 print with 1/2 inch white border. Made on archival, watercolor textured paper.

Circa 2021, "The Passenger Pigeon" was a painting for a show called The Carnival of Five Fires in Richmond, Virginia. The story of the Passenger Pigeon is quite sad actually, and a cautionary tale. The Passenger Pigeon, though now extinct, was once a common and beloved bird in the US. When settlers came, in time, they began to speak negatively about it, and spun all kinds of negative stories about it. It got to the point where cities and towns would spread negative propaganda and anyone was free to shoot and kill Passenger Pigeons. Shortly after they went extinct, folks began remembering Passenger Pigeons longingly, poems were written, and people began to feel sad that the Passenger Pigeon was gone. The Passenger Pigeon was indeed a very beautiful bird, and I'm sure it played a vital role in ecosystems all across America. So we must be careful how we speak, lest another "Passenger Pigeon" goes extinct.

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